Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

We support public contracting authorities and private tenderers across all phases of the public procurement cycle, in strict compliance with EU public procurement Directives.

We excel at developing tenders evaluation models that deliver better value for money with greater efficiency and at a lower risk.

Our consulting experience includes the assistance in hundreds of European public procurement procedures.

Moreover, we supported the transposition of the European directives on public procurement (Directives 2004/18/EC and 2004/17/EC) into national legislation.

Supply chain

We support all types of organizations across the supply chain (from supplier to client) with consulting services focused on:

  • planning and management of the supply, operation, and demand activities involved in moving a product or service within and across companies.
  • Assistance in the network design
  • location evaluation, and selection
  • demand planning and forecasting
  • layout design, planning and optimization of operations
  • project and resource scheduling, routing, inventory management and control
  • order picking, replenishment, logistics, and distribution.


We support organizations deriving the best strategy in contexts of uncertainty, conflict and cooperation. Our approach starts with a situation analysis clearly identifying the status quo using the PESTEL and SWOT models of the particular decision context. We help our customer on the through the objectives identification decision-making process. We underline scenarios for the strategy and actions to achieve those goals, the limited resources to undertake those actions, the consequences of those actions, and the preferences of the various actors involved in the decision context. We use proprietary methods to define the best strategy plan possible by using advanced methods

  • including multicriteria evaluation
  • behavioral sciences and game theory,
  • negotiation strategic analysis and roadmaps definition
  • portfolio optimization and resource allocation.

Risk and Fraud detection

We support the identification of unwanted events, measurement of their impacts and probability of occurrence, and the evaluation of the expected value loss on the objectives of our clients. We support risk management through the design of actions covering the following services:

  • prevent, detect, avoid, mitigate, transfer, or respond to incidents of risk.
  • we apply statistics and machine learning techniques in financial, medical, tax, insurance, telecommunications, procurement, and sports frauds and misconducts.
  • we use multicriteria decision analysis techniques, scenario analysis, and simulation models to evaluate risk and support the choice of the best course of action and allocation of resources to respond to risk situations.


We support our clients in applying a myriad of marketing management techniques and solutions that improve operational return on Investment. We cover the following services:

  • Demand estimation, market segmentation, pricing optimization, price elasticity
  • Quantitative marketing research (questionnaires and surveys)
  • Budget allocation across channels
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Customer satisfaction evaluation
  • Sales forecasting
  • The designs of experiments, nudging, geo-marketing, experimental marketing.
  • Digital marketing target strategies and tactics (campaign marketing, social media optimization, adds tracking, and A/B testing)


We support public and private clients dealing with the complex sustainability issues that challenge their public policies and business models by identifying, measuring, and evaluating their footprint on the social and environmental arena.

  • We propose new designs and participative evaluation processes for measuring the economic, social, and environmental impacts of major infrastructures.
  • Ecosystem services, externalities, resilience, equity, environmental degradation, resource depletion, pollution, green taxes, climate change, water, renewable energy, biodiversity, waste reduction, reuse, and recycling that are all common concerns that will shape our future.

Omni-Channel Retail Solutions

We support Retail Customer in marketing and customer relationship management with structured scientific data coming out of algorithms and advanced methodologies assuming that human decisions play a central role in transforming analytical findings into business actions.

  • Data mining
  • Optimization problems such as optimal prices, discounts, recommendations, and stock levels
  • Econometric models and objective functions that leverage data analysis to automated decisions.
  • Hypothetical revenue management scenario planning out of Retails Big Data.
  • Omni-channel retail solutions (integrates marketing, CRM and inventory management)
  • Roadmaps for all online and offline channels correlated data-driven decisions.
  • Loyalty cards niche-marketing